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Welcome to Badgers


In Badger's this year we have Mrs Speight, Miss Crossley and Miss Bibi.


Welcome back everyone! We hope you've had a lovely rest.


In the new Spring Term we will be looking at:



In Maths we will be continuing with multiplication and division. We have so far looked at using the formal written method for multiplication and we will look at how to use the formal written method for division. Also we will continue to be tested on our times tables through our daily multiplication/division bingo and maths war- which the children really enjoy!




In English we will move onto acrostic poems for the first week back after the holidays. Then we will move onto unpicking the features of instructions and writing our own set linking it to our IPC topic of the Egyptians. After this we will then be looking at non-fictional writing. Non-chronological reports will be the next focus and again we will use the information we gather from IPC and use this to help us with our writing.




Our new IPC topic is Footprints from the Past. This will include lots of history and geography learning about the Egyptians and what life was like many years ago. We will place events from history onto a timeline and compare life then to our life now. We will learn about mummification too. It will be very interesting!!




In French we will continue our great work, using our knowledge of numbers, days of the week, months of the year to create our own calendars. We have had fun learning this new vocabulary.