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Welcome to Badgers


In Badger's this year we have Mrs Speight, Miss Crossley and Miss Bibi.


In Maths we will be looking at place value and the worth of each digit in 2-3 digit numbers. We will then use this to help us use different mental strategies for addition and subtraction and then moving onto the formal written methods for each.


In English we will look at diary entries writing our own from the summer holidays. We then moved onto poetry writing both free verse poems and riddles. We have looked at the vocabulary and sentence types such as; 2a sentences, BOYS, similes and De:De sentences. We are now moving onto Non fiction and writing non-chronological reports about the Amazon rainforest.


In IPC we are doing the topic Saving the World, which looks into the Amazon rainforest. We have compared rainforests, looked at the different layers of the rainforest and also what animals live there. We have just started looking into the dangers rainforests face such as deforestation and animal extinction.


We have also looked at greetings in French and the colours.


We look forward to all the exciting things we will be doing to help our learning!!