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Welcome to Badgers


In Badger's this year we have Mrs Speight, Miss Crossley, Miss Bibi and Mrs Lee.


What a busy Spring Term we have had! We have learnt lots of new skills across all areas of the curriculum. Take a look at what we have learnt.



In Maths this term we have covered an awful lot. We began the term looking at fractions. We discussed what fractions were and how they were recorded. We have added/subtracted fractions with the same denominator together. In addition to this we haven found fraction of amounts i.e. 1/4 of 240? We now know we must divide by the denominator and multiply by the numerator. 


We have learnt about measuring length, capacity and mass. We have started to read scales and different integers. We have also converted measurements across different standards of units for example; 1500g = 1.5kg. From this we have then measured shapes and looked into perimeters. Perimeter is the distance around the edge of a shape and we calculate this by adding together all the sides. It is important to be accurate when measuring!


We will continue looking at measure after the Easter holiday; adding and subtracting different measurements, converting units, word problems involving measure and also measuring time.




In English this term we have again covered lots of different genres of writing. We began the term looking at instructions. We found that in order to write a clear set of instructions we need; imperative verbs, adverbs, numbered steps and also time connectives. We wrote instructions based on our IPC topic of Ancient Egyptians and mummification.


As well as writing instructions we have also delved into persuasive writing. Persuasion is convincing someone to buy/visit somewhere through various techniques. These include; using exaggeration, superlative and comparative adjectives, including offers, rhetorical questions, writing catchy slogans and brightly coloured posters. We then used all this new found information to create our own products and advertisement posters to go alongside them.


This term we have also covered lots of different areas of grammar to aid when writing including; use of apostrophes for contraction or possession,  use of prepositions and the use of a or an.


After the Easter break we will be moving onto Non-Fiction writing and using our cross curricular links of IPC to help with our factual writing. We will begin writing Non-Chronological reports.




In IPC we have learnt lots of new facts and information about the Ancient Egyptians. We have had a project to complete at home which we will share with the class when we return after the Easter holidays. We have learnt that the Egyptians had a hierarchy which began with the pharaoh at the top and the slaves at the bottom. We also learnt about the River Nile, ordered events onto a timeline, different artefacts and what they were used, all about the process of mummification. As well as all this we have also learnt about some of the Gods and Goddesses they worshipped and what they stood for.


Our new IPC topic when we return is 'Turn it up'. This is all to do with Sound and Light. We look forward to investigating all about Light and Sound.




In French we have enjoyed learning lots of new vocabulary. We now know our numbers to 30, days of the week, months, seasons and the weather. We will continue to revisit these and also add to our list. We will continue to look at animals and their habitats in French.


It has been such a busy and hard working term this Spring. Let's continue and be as brilliant during the Summer!!