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With SATs around the corner on the week commencing 14th May 2018, year 6 are in full revision mode. We are hoping to achieve our best SATs results yet! Easter school will be happening in the first week of the Easter holidays and boosters will continue up until SATs. 


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This half term we will be securing our knowledge and understanding with fluency, problem solving and reasoning in all of the topic covered in the Year 6 curriculum. We will make sure that we are fluent in our mental and written strategies to achieve our very best. 



In English we will be focusing hard on reading, grammar, punctuation and spelling. We will continue to break down texts, study vocabulary, identify key features, look at inference and literal information. In GPS we will revise the topics covered in the year 6 grammar appendix. 


IPC Topic

Extreme Survivors/Out of Africa: The children are currently looking at evolution and adaptation, and will be creating a fantastic home project where they will need to create their own animal, perfectly suited to their chosen environment. The deadline for this is 21st May 2018. 



This term in RE we will looking at the relationships between different religions and link this to the British Values.