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Welcome to Field mice


In our wonderful class we have: Miss Ali, Mr Khan, Mrs Awan and 31 amazing, dedicated students! We have had a very exciting year so far and are looking forward to having lots more fun during the Summer term! 

What are we learning about this term? frown


This half term we are going to be exploring both fiction and non fiction texts.


Non chronological reports

  • We will be looking at a wide range of information texts to find and magpie key features which will be used in our own information texts on dogs & spiders.


Poetry to perform

  • We have been reading, practicing and performing different poems such as 'The school kids rap', 'The Sound Collector' and 'The Magic Box'. 
  • Using our surroundings, we created our own sound collector poems! Here is a great example by Samad: 


A stranger came this morning

Dressed all in black and grey

Put every sound in a bag

And carried them away...


The sound of birds chirping

Shoes stomping 

Children chattering 

Is there a monster in the hall? 


The wind blowing in the playground

Cars zooming past 

Can you hear this much noise in your school?


By Samad Vasim (Year 3 Fieldmice)


  • Here is a fantastic example of a Magic Box poem by Alizah: 

I will put in the box

a smooth, fluffy, drifting cloud

a sparkly, strange wand

a mouth-watering, delicious cookie


I will put in the box

a dinosaur eating cheese

a mouse eating burgers

a human eating bananas

a monkey eating salad 


I will put in a box

a big, smelly sock

a mouse on a clock with chicken pox!


By Alizah Nadeem (Year 3 Fieldmice)




In Maths this half term we are going to recap 'number and place value' skills. We will be using addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills to solve a series of challenges and problems.





This half term, our new topic is 'Temples, Tombs and Treasures'. We will be exploring the magical world of Harry Potter then transporting into Ancient Egypt.


We will cover a range of History, Geography, Art, Music and Financial Education topics throughout this half term.


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