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Welcome back!  This year the children will be continuing their hard work and will be exploring a range of new topics.

This half term we will be look at ' Saving the Rainforest'

In our wonderful class we have: Miss Afzal, Mr Khan, Mrs Layton and 31 amazing, dedicated students! 

What are we learning about this term? frown


This half term we are going to be exploring both fiction and non fiction texts.



We will be  kick-starting our year by exploring Poetry. Children will explore a range of different poems including verse poems, poems with rhyming words and poems with alliteration.


Poetry to perform

Children will have the opportunity to write their own poems based on the describing rainforest animals.

This week we have been looking at riddles.

Here is an example of an example of Kamran's work.

He used a range of poetic devices to write a riddle about a wild animal.

I live in the hot, humid rainforest.

When threatened I can change colour.

I'm small as a sneaky mouse.  

I walk slower than a sloth.

You can keep me as a pet.

I can stick my tongue out so far that I can get some food to eat.

My tail is almost as big as a dragon's tail.

My skin is smooth.

I live on the forest floor.

I name begins with the letter L.

What am I?


Can you guess what he is describing?

By  Kamran Ahmed (Year 3 Fieldmice)






In Maths this half term we are going to recap 'number and place value' skills. We will be using addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills to solve a series of challenges and problems.





This half term, our new topic is 'Saving the rainforest.' 


We will cover a range of History, Geography, Art, Music and Financial Education topics throughout this half term through our topic work.


So far we have emerge ourselves in the rainforest. The children have pretended to act as animals walking through the rainforest listening to music and using their bodies to imagine what it would be like to live in the rainforest.


Throughout the term we will be looking at:

  • Locating the different rainforests.
  • Rainforest life.
  • Dangers that affect the rainforest.










Internet Safety

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