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Welcome to Otters!

Welcome to the start of a new and exciting term in Year 2 Otters!

The teachers that will be working in your class are:

Miss Afzal, Miss Hussain and Miss Raiz




Key Reminders:

* Home work is given out on a Friday and to be completed and returned to school by Wednesday.

*Spellings are also given out on Friday and the following Friday the children will be tested.

* PE and Outdoor Education are on a Tuesday, children need to come to school with the correct P.E kit and get changed.

*Toast is £1 per week, please bring this on a Monday.

* Juice is 20p per day, please give this to your child daily, it is their responsibility to look after it.



This half term:

Children are preparing for the SATs.

  • In literacy we are learning to up level our sentences to focus on punctuation of our sentences.
  • In maths we are revising the four operations and practicing sat style questions.
  • In topic we will be looking at our world and how we can keep it clean and habitable.

Sat style questions

Sat style questions  1

8 Tips to keep your Environment safe and clean on World Environment Day 2015 - Equinox Labs

Saving Your Environment, Your Home, Your Future is as easy as this. Watch these tips presented in an Infotainment way & do your part for Our Mother Earth. Visit - to do more. Celebrate World Environment Day 2015 with Equinox Labs.

keeping the world cleaning

Watch this video with your parents and think of ways we can tidy our environment.

Why not check out the following websites to help you with your mental maths!

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First 100 High Frequency Words for you to practise.

First 100 High Frequncy Words with voice and background music.