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This unit is part of the Early Years programme of the International Primary Curriculum. This curriculum sets out clearly what children should learn in four groups or ‘strands’ — these are called ‘Independence and Interdependence’, ‘Communicating’, ‘Exploring’, and ‘Healthy Living’. The activities which have been planned will cover these strands in the following ways:


Independence and Interdependence

The children will have opportunities during this theme to work and play alone and alongside others. They will need to co-operate in order to find the treasure and will take on other roles when taking part in pirate play.



We will listen to stories about pirates and use words and pictures to write our own pirate storybook. The children will use numbers to count coins and develop an enjoyment of numbers when estimating how many coins are in the treasure chest. They will be involved in making a pirate ship and develop skills of designing, cutting, sticking and painting.



The children will be encouraged to be curious and to make their own decisions when burying and finding the treasure. Many of the pirate activities will involve them in symbolic and dramatic play. They will classify objects by observable features such as ‘shiny’ and ‘dull’. In order to find the treasure they will need to learn about maps and this knowledge will be developed when they look for islands on the globe.


Healthy Living

During the course of this theme the children will be given the opportunity to make choices and to develop the skill of concentration.


The children will need to pay attention and make choices during the treasure hunt. They will also have the opportunity to talk about their emotions when they discuss their own personal treasure.


We began this theme today when the children found a treasure chest with all kinds of jewels and ‘precious’ coins, including pirate things such a map and an eye patch. We spent time describing, wondering and explaining the artefacts.


Watch this page for more details as the theme progresses.


We welcome any support or suggestions which you may have and you can share these with the staff or send them to the Nursery email address on:



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