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PE and Sports at Marshfield

PE and Sports Premium funding

Please read the information in the documents below which give details of our PE and Sports Premium funding and how we allocate it.

PE & Sports Premium Funding Action Plan 2016-17

PE and Sports Premium Action Plan 2015-16

In Summer 2, 173% of our KS2 pupils participated in an extracurricular sporting activity each week.

                   Wow! smiley


Here is the break-down of how many children accessed each activity per week:


Multi-Use Games Area: 320

Kickboxing: 30

Fitness: 18

Change4Life: 24

Pom Cheer: 14

Taekwondo: 19

Sports and Well-being Clubs - Summer 2

Sports and Well-being Clubs - Summer 2 1
Picture 1

Summer 1 Inter-school Competition

Summer 1 Inter-school Competition 1


We were extremely lucky to be awarded a National Lottery grant to fund our Motivate! project.

This will enable us to carry out a year of additional activities in martial arts, kick boxing, performing arts and dance for our children. This is to engage more children into motivated lifestyles. This will help children be fitter, healthier and have the opportunities to access activities they may not normally attend.

The grant enables the children in our school the opportunity to participate in additional activities that are inclusive and free.

We are committed to developing our children to be more active, healthier and interested in new activities.

Change4Life Club

We are very excited to have started our children's Marshfield Change4Life clubs. 

Change4Life Clubs are proving to have a significant impact on many whole school priorities such as behaviour, attendance and attainment. They also provide schools with a vehicle for developing a sense of belonging, confidence and competence in young people. 



We look forward to starting our very special Marshfield Families Change4Life club soon.


School Games Bronze Award 2015/16

We are extremely proud to say that we achieved School Games Bronze award for 2015/16.                                            


We were externally validated and given the following feedback:


Marshfield Primary School received a validation for their application for a Mark award on Wednesday 20th July 2016 and based on the evidence seen and discussed with A. Kemp and SGO Rachel Hargreaves the school has successfully achieved a Bronze Mark award for the 2015/16 academic year. The school utilised registers to track young people's participation in School Games activity across all year groups. This allowed the school to identify those who are less active and use a broad range of sports through the Accelerate Sports & Performing Arts programme and Change 4 Life club. Marshfield Primary evidenced 2 hours of PE provision (curriculum alone) and has extracurricular provision in addition to this, with extracurricular registers showing that a minimum of 60 young people (25%) on average engage in this activity on a weekly basis. Extracurricular sporting activity levels amongst young people will need to increase by 10% to at least 35% weekly in order to achieve a Silver award in the future. The school also provided evidence via a calendar of inter-house and inter-school competition showing participation in 5 School Games formats at Level 1 and 12 at Level 2. The school will need to provide evidence of participating in 6 sports at Level 1 and 4 sports at Level two, along with fielding B teams in two sports at Level 2 moving forward. Promotion of School Games to parents and the local community takes places at least once every half term via the school newsletter which features PE and School Games content, whilst the schools Twitter feed shares competition results. In order to progress to Silver standards of the award, it is suggested that the school features competition results and match reports on the school website / local press and further utilises School Games paraphernalia. 10% of pupils have engaged in leading, managing and officiating in School Games activity via the annual School Games Day, where young people helped organise and set up events, as well as scoring and officiating on different stations. The school has plans to train a cohort of year 5 pupils to support PE and school sport, as well as appointing Sport Captains to engage in the planning and development of School Games activity moving forward, which will help support school staff and give young people added responsibilities. The school provided evidence of using external sports coaches to support school sport via delivery from a PE specialist, Bradford Bulls half-term PE and also external coaches delivering multi-skills, football and basketball. The school also highlighted plans to utilise recent Lottery funding to boost PE, train LSA's in order to support lunch time sporting activity and also provide CPD opportunities for wider school staff in order to support PE and school sport. Although no formalised links with local clubs were evident during the validation, the school has directed young people to local clubs when opportunities arose and also demonstrated plans to develop at least 3 active club links (Silver standard) in the future. Overall, the school comfortably achieved a Bronze Mark award for 2015/16 and demonstrated encouraging plans to achieve a Silver award moving forward. Congratulations on achieving your Bronze Mark award for 2015/16!


Watch out silver, we're coming to get you!