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Autumn 2 - Transport

In Autumn 2 our theme was:




Our new topic for the next few weeks is ‘Transport’. This unit is part of the Early Years programme of the International Primary Curriculum. Here are the activities we will cover in each strand:


Independence and Interdependence

The children will all take part in planning a trip for their bear and in doing this they will learn to work alongside each other and, if necessary, develop strategies for resolving conflicting opinions. They will learn about the links between school and the wider world when we have visitors from the local emergency services.



The children will have the opportunity to develop language skills whilst playing in the role-play area and talking and listening to our visitors. We will be involved in an imaginary trip on a magic carpet. They will explore number and other mathematical concepts whilst involved in a car survey.



Throughout the theme the children will be encouraged to think logically and to make comparisons whilst sorting the collection of toy vehicles. They will take part in dramatic and role-play, water and sand play as well as using imaginary roadways in the hall.


Healthy Living

The children will learn about making choices and paying attention. There will be opportunities to discuss road safety and the role of the emergency services, helping children to learn about keeping themselves safe from harm.


We will begin this theme on Monday by planning a trip for teddy. Please bring your child’s favourite teddy to school. Don’t worry about his travel documents and tickets as we will make them — don’t pack his pyjamas, as he’ll be home for dinner!


As always, we welcome any support or suggestions which you may have. Remember you can send us photographs of home learning to:

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