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Our chosen Harvest song is Cauliflowers fluffy. Below is the link so please practise at home.

Cauliflowers Fluffy | Paintbox | Vegetable | Harvest | Kids Song | Made by Red Cat Reading

You are watching ""Cauliflowers Fluffy"" a super fun colour and vegetable song for teaching harvest, created by Red Cat Reading. Sing, dance and play to kids favourite nursery rhymes!

Welcome to Badgers


In Badger's this year we have Mrs Speight, Miss Crossley and Mrs Lee.



In Maths so far we have been concentrating on revisiting our place value and the value of each digit within a  2, 3 or 4 digit number. Also we have been doing multiplication bingo during our mental and oral starters to revise our times tables.


We have ordered, sequenced and compared numbers. We are currently looking at adding/subtracting 10, 100 and 1000.



In English we are using the story of The Jungle Book to help with our writing. We have been doing lots of work around this story and unpicking the vocabulary used, the characters, the setting, problems and resolutions which we have used to help with our own development of a story.


Our focus for writing over these past few weeks has been story writing. We are now planning our own stories using our IPC topic of the rainforest.





Our topic this half term is Saving the world. This is all related to the rainforests. We have tapped into geography; using atlases to locate the rainforests across the world, comparing different rainforests, discussing the different layers of the rainforest. We have also looked at science topics such as animals within the rainforest and wrote fact files about a chosen animal. As well as this we have looked at what plants need in order to survive and began a mini investigation to see how 3 plants around the classroom will survive without water or sunlight.


On Monday 15th October we are delighted to say we have some exciting visitors- Zoolab are coming into school to showcase some rainforest animals and discuss in more depth with the children about the Amazon rainforest.