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Welcome to Otters 

Welcome to Year 2 Otter's class page. You will be able to see all the hard work that we do on this page. 

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Key Information:


  • Juice is 20p per day which your child has the responsibility to look after.
  • Weekly spellings are given out on a Friday and must be practiced at home. The following Friday the children will be tested.
  • Please ensure that your child brings their bookbag each day. This must include their reading book, reading record and library book. 
  • PE is on a Wednesday afternoon.

How can you help?

In Year 2 we work extremely hard in preparation for our KS1 assessments which take place in May. To help your child you should:


- Listen to your child read a minimum of 3 times a week.

- Encourage your child to practice their weekly spellings.

- Support your child in their homework.

- Allow your child to research information as part of their ongoing school work.



Follow the link below to access the National Curriculum. Here you can see what your child will be doing in Year 2. 

This Half Term:


We are reading 'Meerkat Mail' to learn about the adventures of Sunny and his family in the Kalahari Desert in Africa. Sunny is an adventurous character, I wonder what mischief he will get up to?

In English we will:

  • Listen and respond appropriately to adults and their peers. 
  • Ask relevant questions to extend their understanding and knowledge.
  • Speak audibly and fluently with an increasing command of Standard English. 
  • Learn how to use expanded noun phrases to describe and specify.
  • Develop positive attitudes towards and stamina by writing narratives about personal experiences and those of others (real and fictional)
  • Writing poetry
  • Planning or saying out loud what they are going to write about.
  • Writing down ideas and/or key words, including new vocabulary. 
  • Proof- reading to check for errors in spelling, grammar and punctuation.


In Maths we are developing our number and place value skills. We will be using different resources such as base ten, 100's squares, numicon and counters to:

  • Count in steps of 2,3 and 5 and in tens from any number forward and backward.
  • Recognise the place value of each digit in a two-digit number (tens, ones)
  • Identify, represent and estimate numbers using different representations, including the number line.
  • Compare and order numbers from 0 up to 100; use <, > and = signs.
  • Read and write numbers to at least 100 in numerals and in words. 
  • Use place value and number facts to solve problems. 

We will also be practicing our 10 and 5 times tables.



This term our IPC topic is 'Our World'. During this unit we will be focusing on Art, Science, Geography, Technology, Music and International.


In Art, we’ll be finding out:

  • How to draw a self portrait
  • How to create artwork using natural materials to make a tree collage                  

In Science, we’ll be finding out:

  • About the animals, plants and birds in our local environment
  • About the best soil conditions to grow seeds
  • How we can recycle and reuse materials to help our environment

 In Geography, we’ll be finding out:

  • About the 7 continents and 5 oceans
  • About different wildlife habitats in our local environment
  • About the animals and insects that share our local environment
  • How our local environment compares with other locations around the world

In Technology, we’ll be finding out:

  • How to design and make our own bird feeders

In Music, we’ll be finding out:

  • How to create our own sound journey around our school
  • About music and songs, written about the weather

In International, we’ll be finding out:

  • How to make a fact file about our home country to share with others


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Websites and Games:

The following websites and games are examples of resources used in the classroom to promote a love of learning! 

First 100 High Frequency Words for you to practise.

First 100 High Frequncy Words with voice and background music.

1 to 12 Times Tables Playlist