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Welcome to Year 4 Shrews

 Miss Gaskell,  and Mrs Pandor would like to welcome you to our class page.

We have lots of super thing planned for this year

and hope that you will all work hard and enjoy the year.

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Thank you all for making sure that all of our class are beautifully turned out in the correct school uniform this term. Just a quick reminder that this includes socks and hair ribbons, brightly coloured ribbons and fancy socks should not be worn. 



This half term we are going to be reading The Wyrmstooth Crown, this is an exciting book about a young girl meeting up with a family of dragons. She must work with the dragons to protect the valley and prevent it from becoming a quarry. Most of our work will be based on the text and children will be expected to demonstrate their understanding of the text through the completion of comprehension activities, grammar and spelling work will support the text and extended pieces of writing will help with our assessment of their progress towards becoming real writers.



All the children are expected to take a book home everyday and read to an adult each night. Teachers will also try to hear your children read every week. Comprehension and other reading activities form an integral part of learning to read since once children have mastered phonics the next big challenge is understanding! Each child will be able to log on to Readings Eggs at home and should use it to support their work at school as part of their homework.



A new list of spellings will be given each week, it will also appear on Spellodrome and the games will help the children to learn their spellings. Please help and encourage your child to learn them. Following the weekly test you will be able to see their score in their planner.



This term the focus will be on number work, beginning with place value and ordering numbers followed by different mental stratergies for solving simple arithmetic problems, and then formal written methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Before the Christmas holidays we'll get to problem solving, fractions and percentages.


All children should continue to practice and learn their times tables off by heart. They will have regular tables tests and by the end of Year 4 they will be expected to know them. There is also a weekly Arithmetic test for all pupils and their scores will be written in to their planners each week.


Mathsletics is available for your child to use both at home and school. Activities and tests which support their class work will be assigned regularly and all children will be expected to complete them - it forms an essential part of their homework.


International Primary Curriculum

This terms main topic is Explorers and Adventurers. This deals mainly with geographical and historical skills and events. The children will study a variety of different explorers and  determine their contribution to our understanding of the world and the very different people who inhabit it's lands. As part of this study we will reinforce the skills developed in Maths and English, and extend their knowledge through research on the web.




Art is a valuable part of IPC , since it helps to improve thei visual literacy which pays dividends in all their other subjects.



We are very pleased to be able to provide two published homework books for Maths and English in addition to Mathsletics, Spellodrome, Reading Eggs and Purple Mash which are all available for the children to use at home. Children will also get project work for IPC and a weekly Spelling list. Learning include times tables as well as spellings and children may need encouragement and help with this. All homework, whether written, reading, on the computer or learning forms an integral part of your child's education and I would like to thank you in advance for your support in working with us to provide a first class education for your child.