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Welcome to Marshfield Primary School


The staff and children of Marshfield Primary School extend a warm welcome to all visitors to our large, vibrant and busy school. We have almost 500 children, each individually talented and important. Children in our school share an exciting range of cultural and diverse backgrounds, which we celebrate and use as a tool to enhance learning experiences for all. We encourage children to be proud of their own culture, religion and language and to show respect and tolerance for those of others.

Whether you are a prospective parent searching for the right school for your child, or you are already a part of our school community, I am sure you will find Marshfield to be a happy and caring environment in which all children are supported and challenged to achieve their very best through a rich and varied curriculum. We need the assistance and co-operation of all parents and carers to achieve this. It is vitally important for your child’s education and well-being that good, positive communication is established between home and school.

We already have several means of communication between home and school. However, to further enhance positive partnerships, we have created a new school website. New content will be added almost daily so please visit regularly to receive current updates.


Our website will help familiarise parents and carers with some of the educational, organisational and social aspects of Marshfield. We hope you enjoy seeing your child's production of work, photographs of your child working enthusiastically or watching videos of them participating in school life. Please feel free to add comments to our blogs and podcasts. Your thoughts and opinions will be greatly appreciated.


Mrs Victoria Hartford